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Top Tips for Fall

Top Tips for Fall
2010/09/24 Blueprint

Closet Maximization

  1. Remove all summer items and any tees/tanks that are bright-colored.
  2. Organize all fall and winter pieces together.
  3. Fall is all about high-waisted pants so, put the low-rise denim to the back.
  4. Red, nudes, camels, and military greens are all in...leave those items at the top/toward the front

Instant Wardrobe Updates

  1. Focus on accessories (gloves, stockings, scarves, ties, purses) to add color and panache.
  2. Do a little superman- capes are in! They cover a multitude of sins and depending on the fabric, can easily become part of your outfit.
  3. Use fur and velvet to create texture and accents.