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Top Spring Trend: Sheer Bliss

Top Spring Trend: Sheer Bliss
2011/03/22 Maya H.

Image via The Fashion Spot

When most people think of sheer fabrics, we don't think of something classy but likely more risque...right?!  This spring however, designers are layering their sheer pieces in unique ways that allow all age groups, body types, and styles to partake of the trend and look chic doing it.

In crisp whites and neutrals (also a trend for the spring!), the beauty of this trend is that you can make an effortlessly sexy-chic and appropriate look by layering long, flowy skirts, pants over short opaque bottoms, or sheer lace tops over a solid camisole.  To express the sheer look to the streets, opt for transparent layers over body concealing opaques - don’t forget to look for garments that add weight and texture so you stray away from anything risque!

From budget to high-end, here are three stylish ways to create a feminine, ethereal presence in your wardrobe: