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“The Bomb” Men’s Consignment Store

“The Bomb” Men’s Consignment Store
2012/03/24 Better Blueprint

"The Bomb" isn't the name of the store - that's Ina - and it's in New York City. And actually there are six locations, so know which to go to for what:

  • NOHO at 15 Bleecker Street is for men and women
  • SOHO at 101 Thompson Street is for women
  • NOLITA at 21 Prince Street is for women
  • NOLITA at 19 Prince Street is for men
  • CHELSEA at 207 W. 18th Street is for men and women
  • UPTOWN at 208 E. 73rd Street is for women

Now WAIT! Don't expect to go there and find bargains for $10 and $20 rather it's a big discount from designer pricing ~ for example, an Hermes black canvas bag that was previously but gently used for $875 {much less than the in-store price around $1,800}, or Alden longwing shoes, size 10, that were used are $355 {down almost $400 from the normal $700}.