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2009/07/22 Maya H.

imagesOk, so as of yesterday, I am just returning from a vacation in Cancun and this post comes out of necessity -- I have been witness to a few fashion/style crimes that make this post fun to share!

  1. Mismatched but matching tops and bikini bottoms are a least you have something on!
  2. Men in speedos is very European -- and some style tips we can leave there!
  3. One piece bathing suits can be sexy -- you just need to show a little more skin (think cutout)bebe-gold-swimsuit
  4. (Ladies) If you haven't participated in the waxing or epilation process, you should NOT have a bikini on!
  5. They make bikini skirts for days when everything isn't quite perfect -- use them
  6. Notwithstanding that suntan lotion can make you feel a little "slick", applying it to your private areas should be done in private!
  7. Fellas- buy swim trunks that fit not ones that require you to openly "readjust" because they're too small or hold on for 'dear life' because they're too big
  8. Use sunscreen especially on your face -- it does NOT stop you from tanning just from turning into a prune at 45!
  9. If you are of Caucasian descent and you're darker than the African-American sitting next to you-- call it quits!  If you are African-American and your skin is starting to look almost purple-- you've had too much sun!!
  10. brown swimsuit Americans are a little too caught up about their bodies -- here we can take a hint from the Europeans and just enjoy the sun and our bodies!!

My vacation was great so I wanted to share a few friendly reminders for those who were heading out into the sun to ensure yours would be fun too!  Did I get forget anything?.