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Style In Retrospect

Style In Retrospect
2011/12/27 Better Blueprint

2011 was a good year ~ but frankly any year where I'm here to tell about it makes it a great year! In terms of style and fashion, I don't know that we had a lot of new but quite a bit of recycled and refurbished trends.

What was the BIG style trend you noticed (or participated in) for 2011?

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In 2011, I gave into....

  • red lipstick
  • tweed blazers
  • dark denim
  • layering
  • anything grey or leopard print
  • the color mash (wearing colors that some may have deemed non-matching)
  • flats ( a lil bit)
  • an iPhone (and all of the wonders of the thousands of apps)
  • some celebrities actually have style that was worthy of emulating
  • short hair
  • wearing more than seven pieces of jewelry everyday