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Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions
2012/08/03 Better Blueprint

One of my new favorite online magazines is Net-a-Porter's ~ it gives great tidbits and snippets from culture to fashion to beauty to trends...all with a stylish focus, and always give you something to salivate over until the next issue.

The July 25th magazine featured Kristie Streicher, the US celebrity-eyebrow queen. Given her penchant for the eyebrows and those beauty things ocular, she provided some great insights on how to blend this season's optical trends with your makeup. This is, of course, near-and-dear to my heart as an eyeglass wearer for many years {I think I'm retro chic}. Look and learn!

Click any of the pics to get more details and information about the specs...

If your specs are Big & Bold...

If your specs say Modern Minimalist...

If your specs are Retro Chic