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Is ‘Affordable Luxury’ An Oxymoron?

Is ‘Affordable Luxury’ An Oxymoron?
2010/12/07 Maya H.

I don't think luxury was meant to be affordable, or at least not 'accessible' for all.....right?  Of course!  Otherwise, it would be commonplace not luxury.  While I believe this to be the case, I found a website Jewelry Boxes 123 that may buck the trend.

Before I go there, answer this question: how do you store your jewels and other precious baubles?  If you're like almost 30% of women and roughly 60% of men then your answer is, "On my dresser" or the like.  However, as a curator of style, part of what I teach my clients is that taking care of your items is just as important as how much you pay for them.  Now, on to Jewelry Boxes 123 -- they have jewelry boxes made of wood, leather, or fabric, and for travel or as a music box.

The items are numerous whether for men, women, or children, so click the pic and offer the gift of protection.  As a world traveler, my favorite (pictured) is the travel bag because I tend to purchase one or two pieces while abroad, and do carry a few key items with me.