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ID: 007 Stretch

ID: 007 Stretch
2009/10/15 Maya H.
  • black leggingsGiven Name: leggings
  • Alias: tights, form-fitting pants
  • Colors: every one imaginable, prints, stripes and the list goes on
  • Styles: fabric, zipper (LnA), sequin (Sir Alistair Rai), printed (Diana von Furstenberg), leather (Helmut Lang), velvet (Members Only), snakeskin (BCBG), leather (Gareth Pugh)
  • Fallback: black (Ann Taylor, $38)leggings
  • Last Seen: on the streets; on the runways in Milan, Paris, New York, London; on the everyday jane (or joe); on rock stars and celebrities
  • Mission: travel the world in search of skin
  • Ideal Agent: anyone with skin between the ages of 6 months and 97 years old
  • Suggested Mode of Transporation: with high heels, flats or boots...and a long top that hits just below the hip bone