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Flying Stylishly

Flying Stylishly
2012/08/23 Better Blueprint


Do you fly frequently?
Ever wonder who makes the outfits that flight attendants wear?
Which airlines have the best uniforms?

We found seven airlines via Condé Nast Traveler that have couture clothiers making their high flying duds. Check out Cliff Muskiet's blog, Uniform Freak.

Virgin America {Banana Republic}
Korean Airlines {Gianfranco Ferré}
Air France {Christian Lacroix}
Singapore Airlines {Pierre Balmain}
Bangkok Airways {Asava}
Qantas {Yves Saint Laurent}
Braniff International Airways {Emilio Pucci}

Virgin America

  • Virgin America ~ the premise behind their uniforms was that they be simple separates that could be used for everyday; although the ladies skirt is a tad short (and not 100% friendly to healthier figures), Banana Republic did a fabulous job making them everyday fabulous
  • Korean Airlines ~ the uniforms which debuted in 2005 are brightly hued from traditional Korean ceramics and it's the added touch of a scarf around each flight attendants neck that gives it that something extra
  • Air France ~in 2005, Air France created several uniform options with the simple navy dress being the standard with the lovely red sash; it's simple yet refined
  • Singapore Airlines ~Balmain's signature kebaya has been used since 1968 and is quite distinctive; our thought is that it's time for an update
  • Bangkok Airways ~ Asava created their new multi-colored blue blouses in 2011 that are somewhat "uniform" like but the colors are lovely
  • Qantas ~ Yves Saint Laurent created the original dress (pictured below) and a more recent rendition that more closely aligns with the new color palette, but it wasn't a hit. Martin Grant will be charged with updating the uniforms (hold your breath for 2014)
  • Braniff ~ outdated and while they had a lot of options from Emilio Pucci, it certainly doesn't translate into modern times


Singapore Airlines

Korean Airlines

Braniff International Airways


Air France

Bangkok Airways

 {photos supplied by Condé Nast Traveler and Uniform Freak}