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FIVE new year resolutions that are not resolutions

FIVE new year resolutions that are not resolutions
2018/01/09 Better Blueprint

In full disclosure, I found an article that had several more REAL new year resolutions but these FIVE seem like excellent ones to implement IF you wanted to effect real change...

Or perhaps you can adopt my philosophy which is to simply implement changes on an as-needed basis....thus avoiding the start-of-the-year shenanighans!

#1: we get stuck on everything we're doing wrong rather than focusing our attention on the things we do right or well. in 2018, flip-the-script and see the glass as half full and then begin to pour into it!


#2: "they" say the road to hell is paved with good intentions gotta start somewhere! in 2018, consider "making healthier dessert choices" rather than simply "losing 10 pounds"!


#3: OMG this is fun and if you have any shred of coolness then you'll want to read a letter that is upbeat, aspirational and hopeful not a reminder that at some point, you were a deadbeat....


#4: this could be hard for some folks (including myself) but we can all stand to pay it forward. I actually re-committed myself to paying my tithes starting back in October. What will you do for someone else?!


#5: this is the one I have done for several years running now. Choosing a word (or two) creates focus and allows me to think more strategically. For 2018, my STYLE FOCUS WORD is CONTRAST and my personal mantra is "one more" (my gentle reminder that if it's bad, just keep plugging away and get one more done; and if it's something awesome then doing just one more will only help me!!).

I'd love to hear your new year resolutions or, better yet which of these you're going to adopt.