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My First (of Many) Holiday Wish Lists

My First (of Many) Holiday Wish Lists
2014/11/17 Better Blueprint

I can't even believe I'm sharing this with you so early but as one of my fellow Junior Leaguers says, "I'm an enabler". That's only partly true.....(smh).

Seriously, check out where I'm going with this first list ~ only one "real" piece of clothing and everything is basically to advance the vision that is "happier, more fit Monica". And nothing is over $100! The piece I think I may love the most is the faux fur vest because I'm a driver (not public transportation) so as the final layer with my sweaters, etc this is EVERYTHING.

know you guys have started to think about what you want. Share!

In the meantime, look for a few great lists of essential items to move you to a more effortless but chic look!!