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eff you!

eff you!
2012/03/30 Better Blueprint
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You know the hand gesture associated with that, correct? Most of us do -- it's universal in just about any language but you might not be aware of some of the other gestures that could get you into deep water, or even save you.

As part of my Executive Style Curation services, I work with executives to ensure they're up on the cultural nuances of the countries they are traveling to, so I wanted to share a few with you that I've picked up along the way:

  • Thailand: a bow while pressing your palms together in front of you is a gesture of greeting, farewell, and respect (the wai)
  • Argentina: sweeping the back of your fingers forward under your chin means "I don't know"....but in Italy, the same gesture is a sign of rudeness
  • Egypt: put your palm up with fingers together and move your hand up and down to tell someone to "wait" or "relax"
  • Australia: your empty glass turned upside down signals you're ready to fight!

Good information to have huh?!? Need more insight, go here.