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Denim Guide

Denim Guide
2010/07/29 Maya H.
  • Skinny- go for a downtown-cool effect with layers of frilly, flouncy, vaguely retro tops
  • Trouser- keep with this style's crisp feel by adding all-American items, like a button-down and classic jean jacket
  • Cargo- choose flat, streamlined side pockets—they're more flattering—then mix in girly details for a sweet gamine aesthetic
  • Flared- emphasize the '70s allure of this cut with officewear-gone-sexy pieces: stacked heels, a curvy vest
  • Tuxedo- create an offbeat suit by pairing the jeans with a slim shirt and tailored blazer
  • Patched- offset their vintage, worn-in look with posh accessories like a smart little bag

This quick guide to types of denim should allow you to focus on the embellishment of the denim and how you can 'bring it to life' by keeping the outfit true to the denim... Head to Lucky Magazine for more styling suggestions!!