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Cape Town…Hometown

Cape Town…Hometown
2009/08/19 Maya H.

Every time I am in Cape Town, I am reminded of how much I love this city...I fall in love more each time!  Today, Johnica and I have been graced with the opportunity to hang with native Capetonians Mastura and her daughter, designer Nabeela Abrahams who will be in tomorrow's show, The Graduate Show.

For Nabeela's show, her color palette is purple and gold using chiffon, chenille and silk satins.  Her pieces are ready-to-wear with an evening dress, a jumpsuit with a tailored jacket, cocktail dress, mini dress and a knitwear outfit.

But I digress....

I had the pleasure of having dinner at their house in Flamingo Flei and the view from the second floor was gorgeous (see below).

View from Abrahams' House

Tomorrow begins the actual Fashion Week and The Graduate Show kicks it off!  I am truly excited to be back in a city that feels like home and doing what I do best - checking out what's haute and fashionable!!.