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“Business” Attire & Dressing for Success

“Business” Attire & Dressing for Success
2009/07/27 Maya H.

So, I am just back from a conference in Miami, Florida for the week and as much as it’s a vacation location and the weather dictates something “light”, there was no reason to forego the basic tenets of business attire and professionalism.

Enter your friendly (and knowledgeable) Image Consultant whose job it is to focus on development of a framework for managing your personal style.


I saw everything from flip flops and graphic tees to ruffled linen skirts with crinoline to frayed suit jackets and, yes, jeans.  Let’s agree that none of this can be considered appropriate business or business casual attire.  You can have the best message and value proposition in the world but, if there’s “noise” then it will never get heard.  Simply put: the best message is the message that is heard, understood and accepted, and the likelihood of that is greatly diminished if the messenger is a distraction!

I just finished a conversation with two ladies, Aletha and Paulette, who represented all that I want to be when I get a lil’ bit older.  Both ladies were well put together, clearly fit, had fantastic haircuts, and radiant and glowing skin….hats off to both of you!  I digress….

Here are a few tips that I’ve gathered over the years:

  • A “business” conference means you should wear “business” attire
  • Business attire doesn’t always have to be a suit but ask yourself, “Could I go to work dressed like this?
  • Take a queue from the conference sponsors or organizers – what do they have on?  Fall in line…
  • Guys one of the biggest no-no’s are the wrong socks; they are such a small detail but such a big deal!
  • Every conference has happy hours or after-hours events so, save the “fun” clothes for those events (in moderation)

What else can you add to the list?.