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  • Jan312018

    leather tech envelope

    As you look at this photo, note that there's an iPad Pro in the picture...and a way I am "manifesting"…

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  • Jan192018

    give good face in 2018

    I saw this and instantly clicked to purchase it ~ this face serum is made from only four essential oils…

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  • Jan182018

    boot stompin’ in style

    Not all winter boots that work are ugly.... We want form and fashion + function, right?! Case in point! I've…

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  • Jan172018

    faux sure!

    Faux fur reads as very west cost/boho/relaxed chic. Faux fur is fun because it provides warmth in colorful and hairy…

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  • Jan152018

    last year every star scooped these leggings

    Apparently, leggings are THE clothing item to own regardless of season, money-earning potential, lifestyle, etc....and apparently, every star rocked the…

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  • Jan122018

    6 items to never buy when money is low

    It's the start of the year and everyone is either thinking about how to dig out of the 'holiday spending'…

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  • Jan102018

    pantone color of the year: violet

    I'm not a huge fan of the "fairer" colors but violet can be pretty and we found a few fabulous…

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  • Jan092018

    FIVE new year resolutions that are not resolutions

    In full disclosure, I found an article that had several more REAL new year resolutions but these FIVE seem like…

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  • Jan012018

    couples new year’s resolutions

    Resolutions don't always have to be about you....try focusing on you and someone else like a loved one. If you're…

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