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  • Oct262018

    Fall Must-Have #3: Double-Breasted Blazer

    I love love love blazers....although not the biggest fan of double-breasted options because most styles are too tight around my…

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  • Oct252018

    Fall Must-Have #2: Leather Dresses

    Love leather! So that this fall leather dresses are everywhere is can do full-on leather or opt for the…

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  • Oct242018

    Fall Must-Have #1: Leopard Print Shoes

    You will see them everywhere and if you have a love for them (like a lot of us) then you…

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  • Aug132018

    Just Over A Month Of Summer Left

      ...and have you taken time to enjoy it yet? I have continually pushed myself to 'get out' in spite…

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  • Aug112018

    Zesty Men’s Footwear

    If you know anything about #fashion or claim to know then, as a man, you should be familiar with Nick Wooster.…

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  • Jun152018

    summer shorts perfection!

    Shorts can be the bane of a grown woman's summer wardrobe ~ they are oftentimes the elusive white elephant...if you…

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  • Jun142018

    my three morning style must-haves

    Technically, the list could be very long but I can whittle it down to just three morning style must-haves when…

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  • Jun132018

    my new running sneakers

    I'm determined to get more fit; and a part of that is walking/running/jogging... Truth be told, I used to run…

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  • Jun122018

    my new sneakers

    Besides heels, my favorite footwear are sneakers; and my new Golden Goose v-star 2's are everything! What I love most…

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  • Jun112018

    perfect papa’s day gift!

    It's a surefire hit...guaranteed! This Timex military watch is the latest collab with Todd Snyder and a winner! It's understated,…

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  • May162018

    Upscale Men’s Boat Shoes

    Apparently, boat shoes are ALL the rage right now but they can look a bit 'suburban' so the upscale, city…

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  • Apr252018

    Summer Denim

    Denim is a basic - and that's an understatement. Denim is an essential so when you think about summer, you've…

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  • Apr232018

    a spring/summer essential that’s easy to find!

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  • Apr062018

    doing fancy footwear for spring

    The last round of spring lust-haves for me are shoes! I snagged several new pairs and still have yet to…

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  • Apr042018

    these pants/joggers are perfection!

    I am IN LOVE with these French terry pintuck pleat pants! They're cream, made of a soft terry, a pseudo-…

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  • Apr032018

    you need a “perfect” blazer for spring!

    Ideally, your perfect spring blazer if colorful but, if you're not going that route then opt for this Chelsea 28…

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  • Apr022018

    9 things I’m in love with for spring

    You know I'm not into #selfies or taking pics of myself but I can still share some fabulous pieces! Over…

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  • Mar162018

    a perfect [structured] tote

    ALL of my closest friends know that I've been on the hunt for the right tote bag. It had to…

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  • Mar142018

    brightly colored footwear

    Skip the over-utilized black pumps in favor of some brightly colored heels and footwear this spring. It's the IN thing!…

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  • Mar022018

    any handbag collection must include…

    As a professional woman and aspiring/full-time fashionista, your handbag collection must include an "archive handbag".... Pair it with denim, an…

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  • Mar012018

    travel light, smell good…all the time!

    So my girlfriend and I did some impromptu shopping on Saturday and, because she's an enabler, I found myself at…

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  • Feb232018

    sexy summer sandals

    SCORE! Aren't we always looking for a cute sandal to add a touch of pep to our t-shirt and jeans…

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  • Feb222018

    maxed out for cold weather

    This little diddy here is working for me.... Ever wonder what summer items you can re-purpose for colder weather? The…

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  • Feb202018

    j.crew is hemorrhaging

    They've been attempting a financial and sartorial turnaround across the last year or two ~ they let go of the…

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  • Feb192018

    2018 resort swimwear trends – pt 2

    I realize it doesn't fit the current swimwear trends but the one-piece maillot pictured provides just the right coverage for…

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