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Archive for March, 2016

  • Mar302016

    10 Steps To Declutter Your Closet : Part I

    Part I: Let's start with the easy stuff..... It could be termed "psychological warfare" because cleaning your closet can really…

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  • Mar292016

    Use A Mask To Uncover Your Beauty

    Sounds counterintuitive, right? Well if you try the Sulwahsoo Snowise EX brightening mask, you'll know exactly what I mean. The…

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  • Mar252016

    Ready For The Weekend: 70s Style

    When I hear/see/think lame and/or pleats, I am instantly transported back to the 70s and my body immediately starts moving…

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  • Mar232016

    Three Warm-Weather Essentials

    Does anyone else sit around and think of various looks for functions or events....that haven't actually happened or that you…

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  • Mar222016

    Add Feminine Chic To Your Style Persona

    Yep - just like a jiffy! Only it's not so easy but with a quick download of Blueprint for…

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  • Mar182016

    Aquazurra vs Ivanka Trump

    A 100% bite that you can take advantage of...! Want a pair of $785 designer sandals for $145? Snag the…

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  • Mar172016

    Fit Is King

    As part of your effort to look put together at all times and Blueprint for Style's desire to help, we're…

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  • Mar152016

    The Devil Is In The Details

    You wanna be stylish right? You wanna look like your chic isn't overplayed or took too long right? You wanna…

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  • Mar112016

    Ready for the Weekend: On the Fringe

    I have a quiet penchant for things that sparkle and/or create "movement" and these fringe sandals lie squarely in that…

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  • Mar042016

    Ready for the Weekend: Flats & Handbag

    It's the weeeeekend baby! And the perfect time to think about how to amp up your everyday style or, better yet, how…

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  • Mar012016

    Spring Must-Haves!

    My seven favorite spring items to check out.....   For the fellas, you have seven awesome pieces to consider!

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