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Archive for August, 2014

  • Aug292014

    Plus Size Shopping

    When you're plus size, shopping can be a b--- (bear)! Just because there are a few extra pounds or curves…

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  • Aug282014

    Seasonless Wardrobe: What To Put Away

    One of the topics I discuss in my book is the percentage or amount of clothing that should stay in…

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  • Aug272014
    September issue, pants, Real Simple

    What I’m Reading Wednesdays!

    The #September issue of most fashion, style and/or lifestyle magazines is their biggest issue, so I am head-over-heels excited that your…

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  • Aug262014
    Hermes, Birkin, designer handbags

    Hermes: More Than The Kelly Or Birkin

    We all get lost of the splendor of Hermès (pronounced "air mess") and it's easy to focus on its traditional…

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  • Aug252014
    pants trolley, closet organization

    Men & Their Pants

    Space can be a problem for many of us( (I'm included) and while that can sometimes be because we on…

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  • Aug182014
    hanger cascader

    Men & Their Shirts

    Across the last three weeks, I have been through at least seven (7) men's closets and universally I am seeing…

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  • Aug132014

    What I’m Reading Wednesday!

    I've got all of these books to read for  Elle it's taking quite a bit of time needless to…

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  • Aug062014

    What I Read Wednesdays

    I am  enjoying this new post series not only because it's clearly inspiring some of you to read more but…

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  • Aug042014
    roald dahl

    Book Review: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

    You've got to be asking yourself, "Why did Monica read that book?" I don't have kids and although I am…

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